Thus begins my adventure in blogging

I have finally decided that it is time to start a blog. My intention is to use this as a platform to share ideas a things that I have learned about various IT-related subjects.

Part of my motivation is to document the things I learned the hard way. For example, recently I have been creating tools BMC Remedy using the ARAPI.NET. I have found that there are not a lot of good examples available. I have had to figure out things the hard way. I figured that I should share my learnings so that other can benefit from my experience.

My second motivation is to become a better writer. I figure that to be a good writer you first have to write something. My hope is that, occasionally, someone will find something interesting or useful.

I am an experienced IT technologist specializing in optimizing user experiences, providing best-in-class support and developing creative solutions. I script therefore I am. I build tools to improve troubleshooting and gather supporting data.

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2 comments on “Thus begins my adventure in blogging
  1. Bill Loden says:

    AWESOME! No doubt you are god-like in all facets of your busy life. :o) Seriously, good luck with this … I bet it will pay dividends.


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