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Consuming an RSS feed with PowerShell

Here is a fun little function I created to check the current sales running at Woot! has a full Web API for building applications that interact with their service. However, if you are only interested in knowing what is

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Beware of PC Support Scammers

The internet is a wonderful thing. But it has also opened up a whole new world for scammers. The scams they are trying to perpetrate are not really new. The only thing new is the technology they use. But charlatans

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Understanding Byte Arrays in PowerShell

In a previous article, I presented a PowerShell script for inspecting and validating certificates stored as PFX files. My goal is to get data into an X509Certificate2 object so that I can validate the certificate properties. The X509Certificate2 Import() methods

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Simple ARAPI.NET Query Example in C#

Now that you have ARAPI.NET installed let’s take a look at an example using C#. There are a couple of tricks required to get your C# project to compile and run properly. Be sure the ARAPI.NET library is installed correctly

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Throwback Thursday – Windows Command Shell (Batch) scripting

This Thursday I am returning to my scripting roots (if you don’t count VAX DCL) to talk about Windows Command Shell scripts. With nice powerful scripting options like PowerShell why does anyone bother with “DOS Batch” scripts anymore? First off,

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Working with certificates in PowerShell

Overview Today’s script is an attempt to bring together several things I have learned about writing good PowerShell scripts. I still have a lot to learn and this is not necessarily a sterling example of best practices. However, it does

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