Hi, my name is Sean Wheeler. My interest in computers started in 1978 when I first learned to program in BASIC from a book without access to a computer. My first computer was the Netronics ELF II built from a kit. It had 256 bytes of RAM.

Later, I saved up my money and bought an Apple //e. This got me through my first two years of college. By then, the PC Clone market was starting to heat up and I bought a Turbo XT clone, the first of many PCs I would own. At university I studied Computer Science and worked as a system operator for the campus VAX cluster. I loved the DCL scripting language in VMS. After graduation, I got into Netware. That paid the bills for several years. In February of 1995, I hired by Microsoft to support Windows (WFW 3.11, LanMan 2.x, NT 3.1, & NT 3.5) for large corporate customers.

These days I am a writer for Microsoft. I work on the documentation team for Azure PowerShell. I have a long history with scripting languages. I have taught several courses on VBScript and PowerShell over the years. PowerShell is my current favorite.

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Any views and opinions presented on this blog are my own and do not represent views or opinions of any of my employers – past, present or future. The information presented here is provided without warranty. Use at your own risk. Dry clean only. Use a cool iron. Don’t get it wet. Don’t feed it after midnight.

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