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Using Git from PowerShell

This year has been full of changes for me. One of the biggest changes is that my job requires me to use Git and GitHub for almost all of my work. Before this new job, I had never used Git.

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Opening the door to the Mystery of Dates in PowerShell

Formatting and converting dates can be very confusing. Every programming language, operating system, and runtime environment seem to do it differently. And part of the difficulty in conversion is knowing what units you are starting with. First, it is helpful to

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Adding a Contact to a Distribution List with PowerShell

The PowerShell ActiveDirectory module has a lot of great features that I use on a daily basis. However, there is one shortcoming that I have struggled with for a while. I did a lot of internet searching and testing to

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Create Remedy Work Orders with PowerShell

In previous posts, I have shown you how to query for data in Remedy using PowerShell and ARAPI.NET. Creating or updating information in Remedy is not much different. Log into the AR Server Build a list of Field IDs and

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Getting incident notes from Remedy using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell

Here is another example of using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell. This is a script I wrote and use every day to retrieve notes from a Remedy Incident. As a manager, I rarely use Remedy to work incidents. However, I frequently need

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Fixing “The specified module could not be found.” errors when using ARAPI.NET

We have large projects where we are upgrading systems in our stores and we will schedule the same work for 30+ stores at a time. But to track that work we want a Work Order for each store. Entering all

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Use PowerShell and EWS to find out who is sending you email

I get a lot of email from a lot of different sources. A lot of it is from automated alerts generated by services accounts that monitor various applications that my team supports. Each month I like to see how many

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PowerShell error: NativeCommandFailed after installing KB3000850 — fixed! See KB3062960

Recently we went through the exercise of updating our Windows Server 2012 R2 deployment image to include a bunch of updates. After this, we noticed that several PowerShell scripts were failing. I also noticed that some commands stopped working properly

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Consuming an RSS feed with PowerShell

Here is a fun little function I created to check the current sales running at Woot! has a full Web API for building applications that interact with their service. However, if you are only interested in knowing what is

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Working with certificates in PowerShell

Overview Today’s script is an attempt to bring together several things I have learned about writing good PowerShell scripts. I still have a lot to learn and this is not necessarily a sterling example of best practices. However, it does

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