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Create Remedy Work Orders with PowerShell

In previous posts, I have shown you how to query for data in Remedy using PowerShell and ARAPI.NET. Creating or updating information in Remedy is not much different. Log into the AR Server Build a list of Field IDs and

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Getting incident notes from Remedy using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell

Here is another example of using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell. This is a script I wrote and use every day to retrieve notes from a Remedy Incident. As a manager, I rarely use Remedy to work incidents. However, I frequently need

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Fixing “The specified module could not be found.” errors when using ARAPI.NET

We have large projects where we are upgrading systems in our stores and we will schedule the same work for 30+ stores at a time. But to track that work we want a Work Order for each store. Entering all

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Simple ARAPI.NET Query Example in C#

Now that you have ARAPI.NET installed let’s take a look at an example using C#. There are a couple of tricks required to get your C# project to compile and run properly. Be sure the ARAPI.NET library is installed correctly

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Script to list the data fields on a Remedy Form

Here is another quick example of using PowerShell to query information from your Remedy server. When I am developing scripts I end up spending a lot of time in Remedy Developer Studio looking at forms to find the data fields

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Using ARAPI.NET from PowerShell

In my last post I explained how to install ARAPI.NET. Now let’s take a look at how you can use the Remedy API in a PowerShell Script. The first trick to using ARAPI.NET is to ensure that you are running

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Installing BMC’s ARAPI.NET library

Motivation In my current job, my team is responsible for our ITIL management tool suite. We use the Remedy ITSM Suite from BMC Software. In my role on the team, I am responsible for the design, operation, and performance of

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