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Recently I had a colleague ask me for some book recommendations for his career development. And often, I am asked for book recommendations for learning PowerShell. Every time this happens I find myself scouring my book shelves and digging through old

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Opening the door to the Mystery of Dates in PowerShell

Formatting and converting dates can be very confusing. Every programming language, operating system, and runtime environment seem to do it differently. And part of the difficulty in conversion is knowing what units you are starting with. First, it is helpful to

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Consuming an RSS feed with PowerShell

Here is a fun little function I created to check the current sales running at Woot! has a full Web API for building applications that interact with their service. However, if you are only interested in knowing what is

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Thus begins my adventure in blogging

I have finally decided that it is time to start a blog. My intention is to use this as a platform to share ideas a things that I have learned about various IT-related subjects. Part of my motivation is to

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